Dear parents,

As PSLE edges closer day by day, is your child STILL showing NO SIGNS of doing well for his or her PSLE Maths?  

 Is he or she STILL getting the SAME results DESPITE having a tutor or going for tuition?

Do you always DREAD IT when your child comes back with his or her Maths paper for you to sign?

Or, have you given up on your child's Maths? 

Before we take a deeper look into that, just a few simple questions:

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1. Does the tutor or tuition centre have specialised experience in training students of your child's profile in Maths?


 2. Do you know your child's level of understanding for Maths, and thus, which tuition to enrol him/her in?


 3. Is your child showing motivation for Maths after going to tuition classes?

Here are 3 things that we want to share with you


"There are... difficulties involved in the use of the model method, specifically in drawing models... discussed as follows: 

•Difficulty of an "accurate diagram". 

•Divisions in a block diagram. 

•Inappropriate use of the model method."

- Yan, K. C. (2002). The model method in Singapore. The Mathematics Educator, 6(2), 47-64.



"The assessment (exams) will test candidates’ abilities to: 

• understand and apply mathematical concepts and skills in a variety of contexts;

• reason and communicate mathematically through writingmathematical explanation, arguments and proofs, andinferences; 

• solve unfamiliar problems, translate common realistic contextsinto mathematics."

- Asst. Prof. Ho Weng Kin, Mathematics and Mathematics EducationNational Institute of Education, Singapore 



"Research shows that when people are put in situations where they are expected to fail, their performance does plummet. They turn into different people. Their head literally shuts down, and they end up confirming the expectations. When they're expected to win, their performance shoots back up. Same person, difference expectations."

Scott Barry Kaufman, Scientific Director of The Imagination Institute in the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

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So parents, does the current tuition and the learning environment really help your child to fulfill his/her true potential in Maths?

Before we discuss how to unlock your child’s true potential and consistently score well in Maths, let us introduce to you The Learning Culture.


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Our principal tutor, Mr Andrew (B.Bus, Dip.MechEng, Dip.MM, C.InvMaths), has more than 20 years of successful experience educating students from different levels and backgrounds in achieving amazing results for their Maths. Having an indepth understanding of the problems faced by students, he adopted and developed various techniques to solve challenging Math problem sums EFFICIENTLY. These techniques now form the unique teaching methodology of The Learning Culture.


The Learning Culture’s unique teaching methodology helps to break down seemingly complex problem sums into simple bite-sized pieces for our young eager learners. 


The crux of our young ones' formative Math education is to build up and maintain the confidence that students have towards Math. When they face Math with confidence, they will have the enthusiasm to overcome different variations of problem sums. Students start to gain confidence when they understand what they are doing and are able to apply the concepts freely. 


Some of the unique techniques used in our classes include: 


Tree Branching Methodology 

Many of our students like the simplicity of this unique 

 tree branching methodology when solving problem sums. 


"Two-step" Minimalising Technique 

This approach can be used to quickly solve various tricky questions 

 that usually take up a lot of students' precious exam time. 


Reverse Coaching

This coaching method helps to lock in new concepts freshly taught

to students.


Our classes are only in SMALL GROUPS OF 6. This is to facilitate more attention and care to each student and to keep disruption to a minimum. Also, it enables us to CUSTOMISE each class to ensure an optimum learning experience for every student.


We also foster eagerness in our students to learn more. This is done through the way we conduct our classes. We encourage questions. Every class is very fluid and interactive. This condition is also crucial for the effectiveness of the Reverse Coaching technique that we use. We are also able to build stronger bonds with our students in this manner, allowing for an easier communication channel for students.


Some of the things we customise include: 


 Delivery of techniques and concepts

We will use different approaches to deliver the techniques and

concepts to students. 


Class activities

We identify our students' learning style and incorporate activities

that best suit them.


Do other tuition centres even consider customising their class to cater to EACH AND EVERY student? 

We believe that every child CAN do well in Maths, and this is how...

1.Instil confidence in your child

What does confidence buy your child?  Firstly, your child gains greater access to working memory resources. It also support the use of better strategies for solving problems.* Encouragement plays a huge role in increasing your child's confidence. If YOU don’t believe that your child can do well, no one can. Encourage them regularly. Let your child know that you’re behind them, because they will be motivated to achieve more. This can snowball into results you never imagined from your child. What your child believe is true matters.



2.Don’t just find a "good" tutor. Instead, focus on finding the RIGHT one that can MENTOR your child

"Mentorship involves making a commitment and taking part in the learning process side-by-side with the learner. It also includes preparing the learner before he or she is ready to change. The mentor is also responsible to plunge the learner right into change, provoking a different way of thinking, a change in identity or a re-ordering of values. A mentor also helps make something understandable by showing what he/she is talking about." - Wikipedia

Most parents just enroll his/her child into a "good" tuition programme expecting his or her child to improve. A "good" tutor is important, but the right tutor is the more effective one for your child? The right tutor is someone that is experienced in evoking positive change in your child's skills and attitude towards Maths, by using the appropriate teaching techniques backed by the latest school syllabus. He/she is also someone who will take the time to understand your child’s current ability in Maths to coach your child in a comfortable pace. A right tutor will be a mentor for your child in Maths. He can provide the right guidance to help your child unlock his or her true potential in Maths.


3. Work around school methods that don't work for your child

Many parents worry that if their child doesn't follow the methods fixed by their school in Maths exams, they will be deducted marks. Things like that cause parents to deviate from the issues that truly matter: is your child able to grasp the key concepts taught for the different topics? If they don't, let's not even mention about deduction of 'petty' marks; they will not even be able to solve any questions of that topic. Methods like bar modelling are used on assumptions that they help students understand questions better, but as we shared above, these methods have their own flaws as well. It is most important for your child to adapt to appropriate methods that help build on his or her understanding of concepts and find the best way to solve problem sums to score the most points.


Ultimately, you want to give your child the best environment that he/she is suited to learn in!

Now, here are 7 reasons why we’re the right choice for your child!


1. Our principal tutor Mr Andrew is an experienced Maths tutor for over 20 years. Most of his constant stream of students come from referrals every year! 


2. We customise our objectives for each class so that the pace of the classes are perfect for the students.


3. All our classes consist of a maximum of 6 to a group. You can be assured that your child is given full personal attention from our principal tutor.


4. We have a unique teaching methodology that consists of a mixture of leading teaching strategies used by world-class education institutions and innovative teaching strategies developed by Mr Andrew, like the "2-step Minimalising Technique" and a unique "Tree-branching Methodology".  


5. Our classes are conducted in a fluid and interactive manner. We encourage students to ask questions and we incorporate different activities during classes at appropriate times, eg. Maths-related games during mini-breaks. 


6. With our specialisation in Maths, you can rest assure that we keep up with the latest MOE syllabus and any changes in the PSLE format.


7. We design our own materials to complement our lessons effectively to provide a comprehensive learning experience in and out of class.


At the end of the day, we are happy when we put smiles on our parents’ and students’ faces. 




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